Daichu Technologies is a company that provides wide variety of global services on Product Planning, Designing, Developing and Manufacturing.
We have developed and manufactured production facilities and test devices based on customer’s requests for more than 35 years.
We have expertise in developing and manufacturing wide variety of products including HDD Testers, Banking Terminals, Medical Devices, Ticket Vending Machines, Security Gates, POS Terminals, KIOSK Terminals, and Automatic Robot Controllers.
For mass production, we had established our production base in China to provide products of stable quality at low cost. Adopting new technologies to our experience and a wide range of technical know-how, we have developed our own brand that can analyze HDD/SSD, evaluate for selecting, and perform screening, HDD/SSD Testers and HDD/SSD duplicators.


 Hanyu Head Office &
 Head Office
・May 08 2017 :OakGate Technology and Daichu Technologies
 announce joint partnership to develop the industry’s most
 advanced SSD testers.EPIC Series testers from Daichu will be
 powered by OakGate’s SVF and Greenlight software suites to
 deliver cutting edge test infrastructure for next generation SSDs

 Yokohama Office
 Yokohama Office  
  • ・October 14, 2008 : Our environmental preservation activity,
  •  the introduction of new technology, and the propulsion activity
  •  were highly evaluated and we were certified as the
  •  “Sai-no-Kuni Factory” by the Saitama Prefecture.

 Daichu Hong Kong Ltd.
 (Kowloon, Hong Kong Office)
  • ・September 1, 2008 : Our company name has changed from
  •  Daichu Denshi Co., Ltd. to Daichu Technologies Co., Ltd.
 Daichu Hong Kong Ltd.
 (Dongguan, China Office)
 china office